To all sweet and savory fans, we've found THE recipe for marinated salmon! As much as we love eating it with a spoon, honey is just as delicious in the kitchen. This pan-fried salmon in a ginger and orange marinade will delight your taste buds.

Most often used in pastries to replace sugar because its sweetening power is 20% greater than white sugar, but also because honey is the best natural sweetener, we don't necessarily think of associating this dish with savory flavors. And yet, it goes wonderfully well with cheese, meat and even fish. So, will you take up the challenge of spicing up your dishes with a little honey?


- Approx. 1,3 lb salmon steak
- 3 tablespoons rice vinegar
- 3 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
- 3 teaspoons Honey Soufflé - Ginger Orange 
- White sesame


1. Start by removing the skin from the salmon and cutting into cubes.
2. Pour the rice vinegar, sweet soy sauce and Honey Soufflé into a bowl and mix until smooth.
3. Add the salmon to the marinade and mix well to distribute the marinade, then leave to stand for 5-10 minutes.
4. Thread salmon onto wooden skewers.
5. Cook over medium heat on a frying pan, pouring in the remaining marinade and turning the skewers over on all sides.

Serve with rice or salad!