Matcha, this fine, vibrant green tea powder, is more than just a drink - it is a Japanese tradition, an art and a source of well-being. In recent years, this trendy ingredient has gained popularity on social networks and on our plates,appreciated for its exceptional nutritional qualities and its unique taste.

A Concentrated Source of Antioxidants

Matcha is famous for its many benefits, including its richness in antioxidants. Growing it in the shade increases its chlorophyll and amino acid content, thus strengthening its antioxidant potential . These properties make matcha a valuable ally for the prevention of certain diseases and for maintaining good cardiovascular health.

The growing craze for this superfood

With the evolution of food trends, matcha has transcended the boundaries of the tea ceremony to invite itself into our kitchens. It lends itself to a multitude of recipes, from creamy lattes to refined desserts, and even in savory dishes, bringing its vibrant color and umami flavors everywhere.

Matcha Honey Soufflé: innovation meets tradition

At Panacea, we have been able to capture the essence of this superfood in our Matcha Honey Soufflé , a product that combines tradition and modernity . This honey soufflé is not only delicious, but also extremely practical – it can be incorporated into all dishes , both sweet and savory, providing a simple and tasty way to incorporate matcha into your daily diet.


Consumption of Matcha in France

The popularity of matcha in France continues to grow, part of a global trend towards healthy and exotic drinks . The consumption of matcha has diversified, moving from the traditional cup to more creative uses, in cooking for example.

Matcha Honey Soufflé® represents a culinary revolution, offering a new way to enjoy the benefits of matcha. It is an invitation to rediscover this green tea in a gourmet and versatile form, adapted to our times.