We find the term “superfood” more and more in culinary magazines and even on Instagram. This anglicism which recently entered our vocabulary translates as “superfood”. Long used in traditional medicine, the phenomenon of superfoods has enjoyed dazzling global success in recent years. But what do we mean by “superfoods” and what explains their success?

What are superfoods?

In the 1990s, the Oxford Dictionary defined this term as "a food rich in nutrients considered beneficial to health and well-being." These foods therefore contain significantly greater quantities of vitamins, minerals, fibers, trace elements and especially antioxidants than other foods. Another main characteristic of superfoods: they are natural foods, without processing or additives, just the best of nature in its raw state.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of superfoods are all these exotic berries, seeds or algae from far away that we consume in smoothies for example, and yet this concept is much broader. There are all kinds of superfoods, not only berries and algae but also plants, vegetables, fruits and even mushrooms that we already find in our daily lives and which perhaps even grow in your garden. As you can see, when it comes to superfoods, you are spoiled for choice. Their common point: an exceptional nutritional value which makes them real cocktails of benefits and real allies for health.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be in your food” - Hippocrates

Why eat superfoods?

Today we live lives at 100 miles per hour and in this often stressful and tiring daily life, we are not going to lie, we are often far from eating fruits and vegetables in abundance and even reaching the famous “5 fruits and vegetables per day. Have you ever felt like you're not in tip-top shape, lacking energy or even having a dull complexion? All this is a reflection of our general well-being and this is where superfoods change the game by providing a real boost. They provide the body with all the nutrients it needs for the proper functioning of our organs but also for the radiance of our skin, for example.

Superfoods, integrated into your daily life, therefore increase general well-being and also reduce the risk of certain diseases. What explains the success of superfoods is the ease of integrating them into your diet. They exist in dehydrated form (powder), in capsules or simply as is to cook for vegetables for example. There is something for every taste !

For our part, we have chosen to combine superfoods with an ancestral superfood: honey. This is how Honey Soufflé was born, a real bomb of benefits but also of taste to rediscover this dish!


Some examples of superfoods

- Blueberry, rich in vitamin C, manganese, fiber and antioxidants found in our Blueberry and Spice Honey Soufflé combined with spices such as cinnamon.

- Superfood also rhymes with gluttony! Cocoa is a very good source of antioxidants, but also of magnesium and potassium which we highlight in our Choco HoneSoufflé.

- Turmeric is a root often used in cooking with exceptional antioxidant potential and particularly known for reducing inflammation.

- Cinnamon is one of the foods richest in antioxidants but it also helps regulate blood sugar levels, in other words, to control glycemic peaks. We have combined it with turmeric in our Turmeric Gold Honey Soufflé to allow you to enjoy the benefits of these two spices in an express golden latte for example.

- Spirulina is a micro-algae found in fresh water, stimulates the immune system and is particularly rich in antioxidants and proteins. According to UNESCO, it is “ the ideal and most complete food of tomorrow ”.